About Us

 Free images by  https://pngtree.com/

Free images by https://pngtree.com/

Who are the 'Soul Sisters' that all these stories are about?

We are a group of Australian mothers who were brought together because our babies were all due around the same time - January 2017.

We have stayed together, however, because of the love, support and friendship that each woman has given and received. We have become so much more to each other than “just” a Mother’s Group.

We are family.

There are 52 women in our group. We are spread all over the country, from Perth to Hobart, Melbourne to Mount Isa, and Wodonga to Townsville. There are even a couple across the sea in New Zealand! 

Together we have written a book called Stories of the Soul Sisters, it has been a project of love - something that we have worked on as a team, contributing hundreds of hours around jobs, businesses, health issues, grief and loss and of course the challenges and joys of motherhood. 

We wholeheartedly believe in the value of telling our stories, in the strength of our friendships and in the benefit of the cause we are fundraising for.