The Book


Stories of the Soul Sisters is raw, powerful and honest. We have written a book that we wish had been around when we were in the depths of “new-motherhood”. All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) – an organisation that has been a huge support to many of us.

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Important Information:

  • This book isn’t perfect! We are a group of “normal mums” who published a book. You can only imagine what proof reading with toddlers is like! But it’s an honest reflection of us. It’s perfect in its imperfection. 
  • Prices for the hard cover and soft cover will often default to $US on Blurb. There's a small flag in the top right hand corner, click on that and change it to the Australian flag to convert the currency. It will show the price pre-GST and GST will be added at checkout (individual book prices are listed above)
  • Postage is a bit more expensive than what we would have liked - but it's SUPER fast! We think it's worth it - but if you're worried why don't you do a bulk order with some friends and split the postage cost? And if you're still worried - we've dropped the price on our e-book to compensate. Unfortunately we can't discount our hard copy books because we're self-published through Blurb and have to cover the cost of doing this so we can donate the profits to PANDA
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  • As this book is a project of love with the profits being donated to a very worthwhile cause we ask that you please do not forward the e-book to anyone else and instead encourage them to purchase their own copy.