Erin's Review

“I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve had moments where I felt like the words were written by my own hand, but ultimately I’ve felt connected. Connected by raw emotion, and honesty; honesty of happy moments, honesty of darker times, honesty about what motherhood is like, in all of its beautiful highs, and deepest of lows - that’s what this perfect book is about.
I’m so privileged to be in a position to purchase a wonderful collection of stories such as Stories of the Soul Sisters - not everyone is as fortunate as I. How can you not be compelled to buy it, particularly when it’s 100% towards PANDA, for people who aren’t blessed with what I have to share; like the women in the book have shared. Thank you for sharing your personal journeys, and allowing for me to help in a tiny way towards a great cause, xx” 
- Erin, Mumma of Harlow